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Collaboration models

Create experiences. Use Data.

We have a way of doing things. We have a method. We adapt the Garaje Method to your business or to your website, App, or digital product at any stage. Based on 4 major disciplines, it has been validated in leading national and international companies.

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    Data Collection

    • We integrate your analytical tool under the mantra of Data Quality, providing intelligence to your digital data. We prepare your analytical tools with a clear objective: to guarantee the quality of the data.

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    Data Analytics

    • We convert your needs into KPIs and create solutions that allow you to analyze and make decisions based on data. We analyze the data and guide you in making decisions through advanced and fully customized dashboards.

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    Digital Sales Optimization

    A real hub of solutions that optimize your digital business. CRO, personalisation, AB Testing: you choose! We optimize your conversion rate and the performance of your digital assets through a unique hub of actions.

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    Data-Driven Enterprise

    • We use data to create immersive experiences relavent to your customer. We're good at design, technology, growth... and data. We transform your company through a data-driven framework that enables unique and connected experiences across all channels.


Data Collection

→ Integrations of the main digital analytics tools → Digital data model and tagging guidelines

Data Analytics

→ Quantitative and qualitative analysis → Reports & Insights → Business Intelligence Dashboards

Digital Sales Optimization

→ CRO → Personalization → Sales Marketing Automation → CXO

Data-Driven Enterprise

→ Big Data Solutions → CDPs → DataLake

We are an extension of your team


    We offer an in-house work model for all types of Data profiles with an agile and flexible model. No workload for a full time profile? No problem. Our hourly exchange system allows you to have specific profiles on an ad-hoc basis.

    → Data Analyst

    → CRO & Personalization Specialist

    → Business Intelligence Analyst

    → Data Governance Analyst

    → Data Architect

    → Data Engineer

Technological Stack


Those who don't deliver results, make excuses.

Óscar Casado

Head of Data at Garaje de Ideas

  1. Design

    We do research to understand the needs of users and businesses in order to create digital products and services that make strategic sense, are useful, flexible and accessible. Above all, products that people fall in love with; products that convert, achieve recurrence, and add value.

  2. Technology

    Garaje Tech is made up of specialists in all technological disciplines (Architecture, Front, Back, Mobile, DXP, Commerce...) and our differential feature is that we offer a personalized service, adapted to the needs and existing situations of our clients.

  3. Growth

    We think big so that businesses can grow. We design dynamic growth strategies based on an understanding of the brand, its objectives and its audience. We detect insights along the funnel that become quick-wins using a holistic CRO methodology that observes, experiments, analyses, and grows.

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