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→ Enterprise solutions → Technical architecture → Art state


→ Front End → App Native → Back End → Digital Experience Platforms → Commerce Platforms


→ Cloud → Hosting

Maintenance and support

→ Corrective/Perfective → Evolutive → Technical support → 24x7 on-call


→ QA Automation → End2End Test

Technological Stack

Front End

Native and Hybrid Apps

Back End

Digital Experience Platforms

Commerce Platforms


Collaboration models

We adapt to your business

There's no need to reinvent the wheel; we rely on existing methodologies to tackle projects/services. We decide which one we work with by taking into account factors such as project type, complexity, level of uncertainty, risks, maturity of the teams involved. Plus, we utilize collaboration models that allow us to adapt to the situation of each project and each client.

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    Fixed Price

    Model based on a closed budget in terms of scope and conditions in the execution of the service.

    In order to be able to execute a Fixed Price service, the functional, technical, and risk requirements of the project must be fully identified.

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    Managed service

    It is a model based on trust that we recommend in projects under Scrum methodology, maintenance, and support. We provide a team fully managed by Garaje de ideas, offering a service that covers the existing needs. Costs and fees are invoiced monthly.

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    Time on materials

    In this model we facilitate the incorporation of one or more people with a specific profile within your team to cover needs on a temporary basis. A daily rate will be agreed upon and the days incurred will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

In-house development

We are an extension of your team

Do you need to reinforce your development team in a flexible way?

We offer an in-house working model for all types of development profiles with a very flexible policy. No job for a full time developer? No problem. Our hourly exchange system allows you to have specific profiles on an ad-hoc basis.

→ Front-End Developer

→ Php Developer

→ Node Developer

→ Java Developer


Daft Punk would not exist without technology. Technology is an extension of the human body.

Antonio Domínguez

Head of Technology at Garaje de ideas

  1. Design

    We do research to understand the needs of users and businesses in order to create digital products and services that make strategic sense, are useful, flexible and accessible. Above all, products that people fall in love with; products that convert, achieve recurrence, and add value.

  2. Data

    We understand Data as a discipline that is always linked to all phases of product design and development. Our goal is to lay solid foundations in visualization, personalization and optimization to convert, improve user experience, reduce costs and facilitate decision-making.

  3. Growth

    We think big so that businesses can grow. We design dynamic growth strategies based on an understanding of the brand, its objectives and its audience. We detect insights along the funnel that become quick-wins using a holistic CRO methodology that observes, experiments, analyses, and grows.

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