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What it means to be a nonconformist

"Nonconformist" sums up our way of existing: the passion with which we get involved in projects; the ambition to go beyond what is right; the empathy and closeness with our clients; our flexibility and ability to adapt to any type of company or digital transformation project.

Our values

Nonconformist Company

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    Big but never too big

    We have transformed in the years since 2015, and we will continue to do so, but we will never forget what has made us great: empathy and placing the people and the project at the core.

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    Kill your ego

    We are humble and approachable, and we don't work for our personal success. We generate the trust our clients deserve with a friendly approach.

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    Enjoy the unknown

    We accept that the world is constantly changing, but we feel comfortable in uncertainty. Facing challenges gives us purpose in our work. Stepping outside the comfort zone drives us, makes us grow, and brings out our and our clients' full potential.

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    Open freakness

    We continuously share knowledge and experiences with our clients and with the Design, Technology, Growth and Data community. At Garaje de ideas, enjoying and learning are not optional; they're a lifestyle.

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    We integrate ourselves 100% into our clients' teams. Our goal is to support them and help them grow in a positive work atmosphere. We are reliable and organized in thought, practice and action.

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    We <3 Diversity

    At Garaje de ideas, we are proud to create a diverse workspace where we develop our skills by taking risks, inspiring others, and growing as professionals and individuals.

Key Facts


Garaje has grown 152% in the last 2 years, and is one of the largest design, technology, growth and data consultancies in Spain.






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Team Culture

Do Epic Shit

Do a job you are proud of. Do your best. Always have fun. Don't wait for someone to show you the way. Be brave and take a risk. Mistakes happen and we know it. Learn from them, embrace them. Love what you do. Do Epic Shit.

Life at Garaje

G-Book: The Holy Bible

At Garaje, we have a guide on Notion that resolves all kinds of doubts. There, you can find answers to questions from requesting days off and knowing who is who, to how to prepare a test guide, corporate templates for a deliverable, or presentations of similar projects to reference...


An afterwork with the design, creativity & product rockstars.

GIF is an online afterwork organised by Garaje de Ideas with the best professionals in the sector.

It's a bi-monthly meeting where we get inspired, learn and grow together as professionals. It's a community of more than 6.000 people that keeps growing.

Our speakers work at the top cutting-edge companies in the world, including Meta, Netflix, Cabify, Sketch, Adobe. and more.



An afterwork for code lovers. live.

→ 60 highly practical minutes.

→ Wednesdays every two weeks at 19h (GMT+2).

→ Live coding sessions on the topics that interest you.

Garaje Live Coding are live coding sessions to share the latest trends in technology. Codemasters only. From Amazon, Glovo, Cabify and more. You'll be able to leave your questions and interact through the Youtube chat.

After the event (or sometimes before) we'll send you the work files, so you can put what you've learned into practice. Our only goal is that you won't regret having dedicated your afternoon to us.



Where health meets design.

Welcome to the space where digital product knowledge and experiences within the Healthcare industry are shared. Straight to the point, our topics are addressed with practical, real-life examples.

Garaje Digital Health is a virtual event community organized by Garaje de ideas with the best pharma professionals in UX design, creativity and digital product at an international level.


Our knowledge-sharing culture has an impact on everything we do.

Carlos G. Maganto

Head of Marketing & Business Development at Garaje de Ideas

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